About Our Company

Established in 1998, Tokyo-based Eco Research Institute Ltd (ERI) has grown to be an industry leader in bio-composites and currently operates seven plants in three different countries. ERI utilizes its patented grinding technology to pulverize pulp, paper (virgin or recycled) and other organic fibers down to micron-sized fine powder, which are then used as reinforcer and filler in its own bio-plastics compounding process. Its products effectively reduce non-renewable content by as much as sixty (60) percent in weight depending on applications.

Eco Bio Plastics Midland, Inc. (EBPM) is a US-Japan joint venture established in December, 2011 in Midland, Michigan between ERI and a Michigan-based organization, Michigan Molecular Institute (MMI), who is known for its leading-edge research in further advancing plastics technology. EBPM is well positioned to explore potential applications in addition to the existing markets in Food, Pharmaceutical, Industrial and Automotive applications.